No Regrets

Having René as a part of my support team was INVALUABLE. Our goal was to have a natural birth. After getting to 42 weeks and no progress in our baby coming, we had to be induced. Having her coach and support us through the delivery allowed us to have no regrets in our birth experience. After 40+ hours of labor and not enough progress being made, we ended in a c-section.

If I had not had the support from René, I would have entered into motherhood devastated, discouraged and with little peace. Yet, it was the total opposite. I knew we tried everything possible to have the birth experience I wanted. I was encouraged, supported and cheered on the entire way. It did not end in the way I hoped, but I was able to enter into motherhood with tremendous peace and joy because of René's dedication and work during the birth of our son.

If I can, there will be no birth in my future that I have not hired René to be there for. She is so worth it! -Erica Rhodes