A positive birth experience starts with knowing your options and being empowered by knowledge. René Johnson has been a steady source of this empowerment for over 30 years to thousands of families in the Baton Rouge area.


René Johnson

René Johnson has served more than 700 families as a doula.  She has had a heart for birthing women since she birthed her own children naturally and was immediately drawn toward helping other women experience natural birth. Although she graduated from LSU planning to teach elementary school, by the time her first child was six months old she was training to become a childbirth educator. In an era when women did not have birth choices, René was a change agent, empowering women to have a voice in their own care. She became certified through the International Childbirth Education Association and has taught for more than 30 years.

René taught childbirth classes through Baton Rouge Parent Child Association and started attending births and serving as a doula before it was a recognized profession or was a household word. René was attending births, helping clients write birth plans and discreetly serving families in hospitals before they were natural birth friendly. She was a fearless advocate for a woman’s right in her birth choice. She became so successful as a doula, that in Baton Rouge her name became synonymous with the word “doula.” Rene’ is certified through Doulas of North America (DONA).


“I’ve been fortunate to witness incredible changes for birthing women in Baton Rouge over the years, and I look forward to helping more families create their best birth.”