The Long and Short of It

We first heard about René from a friend and were intrigued but unfamiliar with the concept of a doula. By the time we were pregnant with our first child we were ready for any extra support we could enlist. We took her birthing classes and the moment we left the first class my (previously unconvinced) husband and I looked at each other and agreed she had to be in the room with us when the baby came. 

My first birth was long, painful and full of surprises. Somewhere around hour 20 something doctors were pushing decisions on us, everyone left the room and for one calm moment René reminded us there were other options. If she hadn't been there our son's birth would have gone a very different route and for that we are so very grateful. She came and checked in on us after and followed up for weeks after the birth. My husband, the skeptic was especially won over. 

When baby #2 was on her way we had no doubt in our minds that René would be part of her entry to the world. My husband all but required it. The second birth was a gift, over in a flash, but René's presence made that time something I'll cherish forever. It was the first time, with her gentle coaching I was able to (with no medication whatsoever) let go and let my body do it's job of birthing my sweet baby girl. 

My birth experiences taught me just how fragile birth is.  Anything can change in a moment, and moments can seem to drag on for hours. I learned that surrounding myself with loving, capable support was exactly what I needed to get me through the hardest parts and share in celebrating the beautiful parts. I found out how truly amazing my body is when I trust it to do what it was created to. 

Since those births I've continued to be inspired and in awe of René and her dedication and passion for what she does. Inviting her to be any part of your pregnancy or birthing experience will be a gift to everyone involved beginning to end. 

Thank you René. Truly, your work is a gift, you are a gift.

Madeline Ellis