Private Classes

Personalized childbirth education is a great option for those who have previously completed a group class and simply need a refresher course, more time on a topic or simply can’t fit a group class into their busy schedule. Some clients also find the nature of the individual class better suits their needs.

 "Enjoying our childbirth class on our schedule was so convenient, and Rene' taught us just what we needed to know.  My husband appreciated the privacy an individual class offered."

Most couples schedule the minimum 3 hour teaching session. After reviewing the list of topics, select the material to be covered and determine the number of class sessions to schedule with a Birth Help educator.

Topics include:

  • Your pregnant body

  • When to call your midwife/OB

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • Relaxation, visualization, and breathing techniques

  • Medical procedures/interventions

  • Cesarean section

  • Birth preferences (birth plan)

  • Comfort measures & positions for labor and birth

  • Understanding childbirth pain

  • Medication for labor and birth

  • Partner support

  • Labor and birth videos

The private class fee is $200 and includes phone/email contact with your instructor to discuss your chosen topics, instructor planning time, and 3 hours of instruction.

Refund Policy   The class fee, less a $40 administrative fee, will be issued until 10 days before the beginning date of any class. Refund requests must be in writing via email.