High Risk & Natural

I always wanted to have an all-natural birth in a midwife-model setting, but after having infertility issues and multiple miscarriages I had seen first-hand how things can go when you have complications. I decided to have my birth in a hospital setting due to this, but I still wanted to have the least amount of medical intervention as possible. I was unsure if a doula would understand and respect that I may need more medical interventions. I don’t have many close family members and I also knew at the time that I did not want my husband in the birth with me. I needed support from an experienced professional.

After meeting with René for a consult I knew right away that she understood. She was the perfect balance of midwifery model philosophy while acknowledging that interventions may have a place if they help you avoid a more serious intervention.

We decided to also take René’s birth classes. My husband and I learned so much together. I even became a little more flexible with having my husband in the birth with me. The classes gave me a more realistic idea of what to expect in the birth. It also gave me an opportunity to discuss my expectations with my husband before the birth.

At 39 weeks and 2 days my doctor decided to schedule an induction due to my dangerously highly blood pressure. We weren't thrilled about this, but we were prepared for a long and tiresome labor. The night before my induction I began to experience contractions. I thought at first that it was just false labor. I soon realized that they were the real deal when they became stronger and longer as a few hours went by. By 3:00 am (two hours before I was scheduled to go in for induction) I woke my husband to bring me in to the hospital. As I was getting into the car my water broke! During the car ride the contractions became very strong. René met us at the hospital and immediately calmed me during the contractions. We were admitted to a room right away.

I wasn’t expecting my husband to be in the room with me during intense labor, but I was gratefully wrong about how I would feel in that moment. I couldn't have done it without him. René did an awesome job at helping me and helping my husband comfort me.

Within another 6 hours my baby had arrived with no induction and no epidural. There were definitely moments when I fell victim to self-doubt, and René was there every step of the way helping me stay grounded and helping my husband be there for me in the best way possible. The birth of my son was the most physically intense thing I have ever experienced, but it was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life! I am so proud of what I accomplished! It wouldn't have been possible without René’s guidance.

Ashton Pino