Two Different Experiences

Birth Help has been with me through two natural births, polar opposites of each other.  From holding my purse to holding my hand, I would highly recommend hiring Birth Help to assist in your birthing goals, too!

For my first birth, I knew I wanted to attempt a natural delivery, but was on the fence about hiring a doula. Everything I read told me that one of the best ways to stack the deck in my favor was to hire a doula, so I did, skeptical but optimistic.

My son’s birth was predictable and uneventful, as births go, and I learned the value of having doula support. My water broke at 2:30 a.m. with the notorious “pop-gush” and progressed steadily, but slowly. By early afternoon, I decided I should probably eat something so my husband, mom, and I went out to lunch. I had a couple of contractions during lunch that caused some pause, and begged my mom and husband not to stare at me so as not to scare any of the other diners! After lunch, my husband insisted that we head in to the hospital, though I would have just gone home if it were up to me. We called René and headed in, and she met us at the hospital. Contractions picked up, and I got in the tub for some relief. And what a relief that was! As things intensified, and I hit transition and pushing, I remember very little exact detail, but what I do remember is René's voice in my ear, painting a visual of the beautiful sunset outside our window and telling me that I was a powerful birthing woman, exactly what I needed to hear to have the strength and confidence to keep going. Where René's presence became absolutely invaluable was after my son was born and I had a frightening post-partum hemorrhage accompanied by severe pain for which I was not prepared! René held my hand (Sorry if I broke anything, René…!!) and comforted me through that ordeal while my husband was able to stay with our newborn son. No doubt the extra set of hands was essential for the birth of my son, and I am forever grateful for Rene’s guidance and support.

My second birth, also with the assistance of Birth Help, was far more dramatic, one for the books to be sure! This time, hiring Birth Help was a no brainer. I knew I was capable of the natural birth I wanted, and I also knew that doula support was one of the keys to success. At 41+1 I was so over being pregnant. I had been dealing with prodromal labor for a week and a half, and had been 3-4 cm dilated for just as long! I thought for sure, if I could talk the hospital into breaking my water, the baby would come right out. René was always there to support me through my frustrations and general over-it-ness! But alas! After calling the hospital only to find out that breaking my water was technically an induction that would have to be scheduled, I decided to just go for a walk instead at about 11:30. During my walk, I had a few contractions that made me stop for a minute, but was sure things would still take a long time. Boy was I wrong! When we got home, I assured my husband that it was okay to go in to work for a bit, and I would call him if I needed anything. My friend and I decided to time some contractions for an hour, just to see if there was any regularity. Well, about a half hour or so into that, I lost the ability to talk through contractions, called René to meet me at the hospital, and called my husband to get his butt home ASAP! I wasn’t sure we were going to make it as my husband pushed 80 MPH down the interstate. We pulled up to the hospital, where René was waiting, and she took my purse so I could comfortable lean forward during contractions and encouraged me to make my way to the elevator while my husband parked the car. After some delays caused by those stubborn, debilitating transitional contractions and a L&D charge nurse who insisted I provide my license and insurance card despite the clearly imminent arrival of my baby, we made it into the delivery room at 2:44, where while standing beside the bed my water exploded all over the floor (take that for not breaking it for me! Ha!), and our daughter held off for a whole 13 more minutes, allowing me to enter the tub, before she made her grand entrance at 2:57. For this birth, I am thankful for the lack of Sunday afternoon traffic, and once again, for Rene’s voice in my ear, channeling my inner strength for me.   

Overall, Birth Help is an amazing service, experienced and knowledgeable, and highly skilled and adaptable to all of the various possibilities in birth! Birth Help is not just a doula service for a birth. Birth Help is your doula service for your birth. If you’re on the fence, do it! It is one decision you will not regret.

Much love, Dietz Family of 4.