Exceptional Birth Group

Across all cultures and time women have looked to other women for information, encouragement, and support during pregnancy and birth.

Exceptional Birthing Group offers a place where today’s women share and explore concepts, philosophies, and techniques supporting natural childbirth. We’ll discuss physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of birthing along with resources for achieving your birth goals.  Pregnant women, those planning a pregnancy, and moms who've already birthed are welcome, along with infants.

This group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at Birth Center of Baton Rouge, 7941 Picardy Avenue and is open to women interested in creating their best birth. Nursing infants are welcome.  Group will not meet January 2018.

Exceptional Birth Group: Highly Recommended

Everyone needs a tribe, and as a pregnant woman you’re definitely going to need support. Family and friends certainly play important roles on the journey to birth. But there’s something about being around others experiencing pregnancy at the same time as you that provides more.

I found it especially helpful to be with a group of women who shared my philosophy on birth, namely that birth is normal! Exceptional Birth Group can be that supportive place for you too.

I was late to the game in my pregnancy and only made it to two meetings before my second daughter was born. But those two meetings were uplifting and a lot of fun. I gained much even from that small bit of community. I wish I’d attended during my first pregnancy!

The meetings are full of laughter and encouragement. There’s no judgment but lots of helpful tips and tricks, as many of the moms are having their second, third or more. The birth stories from moms who come back to share how their pregnancies ended are always inspiring and worth hearing.

During my first meeting I was able to hear an AMAZING story about a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Diane’s story was incredibly powerful and gave me a lot of hope for myself and my (ultimately successful although much different) VBAC.

Much of what I learned in those two meetings influenced my birth experience in positive ways, from posting written affirmations around the room to ideas of what to wear during labor. Going back after Livia was born and talking about her birth was important to me, and I’m so glad I had this experience of birth community.

-Mari Walker

Birth Help's Exceptional Birth Group on Facebook provides an online community for learning and discussions about pregnancy and birth. 


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